Ladyburg’s 5 Year Anniversary

This past weekend my company celebrated our five year anniversary. Two weeks ago in the craziness of  planning for the upcoming holidays we almost let it slip by. One of my coworkers and I immediately started coming up with ideas and so started the madness of the last week getting everything ready. We had a vision for the party and no idea what the execution would be like. All of our plans were coming together but none of us had any idea what to expect when the evening snuck up on us. We were all so busy getting ready for the party that started at 6 that we didn’t even notice the people lining up outside. By 5:15 the line went around the building and so started the madness. The store was packed, we sold thousand’s of dollars worth of products, and most importantly, my team rocked it! The two hours flew by and suddenly the sign was flipped to closed. I looked up at my team and realized how amazing everyone was. This moment brought me to one of the most important lessons I have learned in business. Always take care of your team. Nights like this don’t come around often but when they do I can always count on my team to have my back.

Cheers to the next 5 years!

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